Convenience Meets Oral Health: Discover the benefits of Toothpaste Tablets

Convenience Meets Oral Health: Discover the benefits of Toothpaste Tablets

Are toothpaste tablets becoming a game changer in dental hygiene? What exactly are toothpaste tablets? And why are they becoming so popular? Let’s delve into the world of toothpaste tablets and learn everything we need to know. It’s a new trend in the sustainable oral care market.

Toothpaste tablets are a relatively recent addition to the oral hygiene industry, but they are gaining traction globally. These tabs are conventional and environmentally responsible replacement for regular toothpaste. Since these tablets are a natural & secure substitute for conventional toothpaste, toothpaste tablets are becoming significantly more popular in recent years. Now the question is should you consider switching from toothpaste tubes to toothpaste tablets. 

Let’s talk about what toothpaste tablets are and how it is beneficial for us?

Nowa Toothpaste Tablets

Toothpaste tablets - or Toothpaste Tabs to be more accurate are small, convenient, and handy that disintegrates in your mouth when chewed, releasing the active ingredients which effectively clean your teeth. The majority of conventional toothpaste in the market contains numerous harsh chemicals that over time it may destroy your teeth.  

To use the tablets, simply put the tablets in your mouth, chew them slowly, and blend them with saliva to create a paste. Wet your toothbrush and proceed with your two-minute brushing regimen. Bear in mind that brushing is just 50% of the task. To get rid of the remaining bacterial deposits in your mouth, you still need to floss in between your teeth. Plaques usually hide out right below your gum line, be sure to clean there. 

Toothpaste - tablets help us to create more environmentally friendly oral care. Let’s figure it out what are the positive aspects of toothpaste tablets 

It might be beneficial to use toothpaste tablets in your bathroom cabinets if you are looking for a more sustainable solution! 

Environmentally - friendly: A larger number of tablets are packed in easily recyclable or reusable glass or tin containers. Some of them also consider packing in biodegradable pouches. All of which help us in reducing the amount of plastic in our home. 

Travel-friendly toothpaste: Tooth-paste tubes can cause mess in our bags if they squeeze out. To avoid that, toothpaste tablets are made up of water-free formula. You don’t have to worry about liquid restrictions. Furthermore, since they only require a small amount of saliva to brush, they're convenient for on-the-go situations without access to a water source.

Natural Ingredients: Very few brands use parabens or preservatives since they priorities natural ingredients. For people who follow vegan, cruelty - free, or gluten-free diets, there are plenty of options to match their lifestyles.

zero-waste toothpaste tablets

Presence of Fluoride in Tabs: Except for a few exceptions there are zero-waste toothpaste tablets in the market which contain fluoride in it. Double check the ingredients before brushing to ensure it contains fluoride because fluoride helps to strengthen enamel and prevent cavities. Read the labels carefully to be sure if you are buying an essential element. 

Is there a negative aspect to toothpaste tablets? So the answer is yes there are few negative aspects of toothpaste tablets. 

Toothpaste Tablets are expensive: Toothpaste tubes will be less expensive than tablets depending upon brand and number of family members in your home. A little reminder toothpaste tablets comes in jar or tins which required frequent replacement whereas family sized toothpaste tubes can last for months 

Shelf life is shorter: Compared to toothpaste tubes, shelf life of toothpaste tablets is shorter, and also available in smaller quantities because of lack of preservatives. Now the specific differ/vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, and the shelf life will depend on the packaging. 

To Keep a Note: To prevent running out of toothpaste tablets without replacements, you have to keep a reminder on a regular basis. 

Not suitable for certain oral conditions: As we know toothpaste tablets require a small amount of saliva to transform into a paste. So people with dry mouths or those who produce little saliva due to medical conditions may find it problematic. 

In summary, which is better, toothpaste tablets or regular toothpaste?  

Your habits and lifestyle plays an important role in this. Generally speaking people who prefer more sustainable or environmentally - friendly products would find toothpaste tablets more enticing. If you are an eco-conscious shopper then you will find toothpaste tablets more suitable. Certain individuals might need some time to acclimatise to the appearance and formula of dental tablets, leading them to favour conventional toothpaste tubes.  Several brands of toothpaste tube makers contend that toothpaste tablets aren’t very effective in removing plaque or cleansing. That being said, there hasn’t been much research done, the allegation hasn’t been confirmed, though.

There have also been claims that the tablets are more abrasive due to their water-free nature. Tablets used improperly (for example, not eaten or dissolved before brushing) can occasionally cause harm to enamel. Furthermore bear in mind that there is a relationship between enamel abrasion and brushing technique and toothbrush type.

Consult your dentist 

The best persons to consult when thinking about shifting to a new toothpaste kind or adopting a toothpaste tablet solely are your dentist and dental hygienist. Often, they have samples in their office, meet with product representatives and learn how the ingredients work in your mouth. When it comes to knowing the specifics of the medications you take orally for health-related reasons, they are a walking encyclopedia.


Toothpaste tablets are less wasteful, less messy, travel-friendly, and helps avoid cavities. However, not every toothpaste has fluoride, which is necessary for gums and teeth to be strong and healthy. Make sure to check labels if your toothpaste tablets contain hydroxyapatite or fluoride. To keep your teeth healthy, brush all tooth surfaces twice a day for at least two minutes each time. Your brushing regimen is just as important as the toothpaste tablets or toothpaste tubes  you use! 

It is important that people become aware of NoWa through toothpaste and are introduced to the brand. The NoWa toothpaste tablets come in a trial pack when people buy them for the first time, and hopefully, this will encourage them to switch. Through innovation and challenging the status quo, NoWa's mission is to accelerate the adoption of sustainable oral care products. In NoWa, we design eco-friendly dental products, which take our planet's, people's, and animals' well-being into consideration.

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