Purple Chews

NoWa plaque revealing disclosing tablets are created to dental practice standards. Now you can get dentist quality results from your bathroom sink!

Our Ingredients

Sorbitol -  The sweetness in our tabs

Magnesium Stearate - Natural magnesium salt works as binding agent in tablets

Saccharin - Adds an extra little hint of sweetness alongside the Sorbitol

Erythrosine - The magic red stainer to identify plaque

Sodium N - The magic green stainer to identify plaque 

What's In?

  • Industry leading Ingredients
  • Used by Dentists
  • Infinitely Recyclable Tins
  • Travel Friendly 
  • Planet Friendly 
  • Vegan Friendly

What's Out?

  • Harsh Chemicals 
  • Plastic Blisters
  • Tests on Animal 
  • Sulphate
  • Parabens


  • Brush - Be sure to brush your teeth as usual

  • Chew -  Bite down, chew the tablet and swish it all around

  • Examine - Look in the mirror to see if there are any red or blue stains across your teeth. Don’t worry, the tabs will never stain your teeth, only the plaque

  • Brush Again -  Brush your teeth again until the staining has gone.

NoWa Refill Plan

Take the hassle out of your oral care routine with our refill plan designed to make sure you don't skip a beat when looking afterr your teeth

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Sent every 4 months

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