Kick the plastic tube.

Upgrade Your Oral Care Routine: The Result of Sleepless Nights, Rigorous Testing, and Dentist Led Research. Discover NOWA's Award-Winning, Dentist-Recommended Tabs for Uncompromising High Performance.

Made with Hydroxyapatite

Discover the remarkable potential of mouthwash tablets infused with hydroxyapatite, a natural mineral constituting up to 97% of tooth enamel and 60% of bones.

Decades of clinical research show that hydroxyapatite, when incorporated into oral care products, effectively remineralises and rebuilds enamel, surpassing conventional alternatives.

Experience the protective prowess of hydroxyapatite as it safeguards your tooth's outer layer, prevents demineralization, and safely revitalizes tooth

Our Ingredients

SORBITOL - The sweetness in your NoWa tabs without the added calories
CALCIUM CARBONATE - A kind-to-teeth abrasive that helps clean and polish your teeth while preventing surface staining.
HYDROXYAPATITE - The building block of your teeth. Remineralise your tooth dentine with this super ingredient
SODIUM MONOFLUOROPHOSPHATE - This helps strengthen your enamel. Fluoride concentration at 1450ppm (For the Fluoride option only)
COCAMIDOPROPYL BETAINE - Helps your tabs foam up into a creamy texture and clean in between your teeth.
HYDRATED SILICA - Keep teeth white as a natural abrasive.
ACACIA SENEGAL GUM - A gift from nature that helps keep your tabs together and improve their shelf life.
MENTHA ARVENSIS LEAF OIL - Pure oil extract to give you a fresh minty fragrance.
MAGNESIUM STEARATE - Prevents other ingredients sticking together.
SODIUM BICARBONATE - Balances the PH levels in your mouth as well as removing plaque during brushing.
MENTHA PIPERITA OIL - Gives your NoWa tabs their lovely peppermint flavour.
LIMONENE - A product of nature which helps with flavouring but also found to have various healthy benefits

What's Inside

Industry leading Ingredients
Recommended by Dentists
Infinitely Recyclable Tins
Compostable pouches (look like plastic but are actually made from…WOOD!)
Travel Friendly 
Planet Friendly 
Vegan Friendly

What's Not Inside

Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS)
Palm oil
Propylene glycol
Animal Bones
Animal Fats
Artificial Coloring

Simple as Crush, Brush and Smile.

  • Crush - The tablet with your teeth and chew for a few seconds until it breaks down to form a paste

  • Brush - Wet your toothbrush and brush away as you normally would (don’t forget to set your two-minute timer!)

  • Smile - There’s no need to rinse, simply spit out the foam and let your eco-smile shine.

  • Repeat twice a day, every day.

Subscription is simple.

Your first batch will arrive in a premium refillable tin. Then you'll receive your high performance tabs in a compostable packs every 4 months.

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