Brush Better.

You've Teeth Have Never Felt Such Luxury. Elevate Your Oral Care with Our Exceptional Toothbrushes. Designed for Optimal Performance and Gentle Cleaning. Experience the Difference Today.

What' it made of

Aluminium - Premium robust aluminium handle for life long use. The ultimate in reducing toothbrush related plastic waste
Bristles - Nano fibre PBA bristles which are biodegradable (12-18 months). Ultra soft on
your enamel and gums but super dense with 12,000 bristles to give you a complete deep clean
Bamboo - A replaceable bamboo head which is compostable

What's Inside

Gum Friendly
Enamel Protecting
Nano Brush Technology
Replaceable Heads so you don’t need to waste the handle
Travel Friendly
Planet Friendly
Vegan Friendly

What's Not Inside

Life Long Plastic Handle
Free from Harmful Chemicals
Hard sharp bristles
BPA & Plastic
Nylon Bristles

Screw, Use, Replace

  • Brush - Attached the replacement NoWa Moso Head to the Aluminum handle.

  • Replace - After 3/4 months, or once
    bristles start to fray, keep your Aluminium handle and just replace the bamboo head.

  • Reduce Waste - Recycle or compost your NoWa Moso Bamboo Head reducing your waste by reusing the Aluminum handle.

Subscription is simple.

Your first batch will arrive
in a premium refillable tin. Then you'll receive your high performing tab packs
every 4 months.

You'll save 50% vs Replacing Brush

2 Nano Bristle heads per delivery

Sent every 4 months

Compostable packs

Cancel anytime