Toss the Tub.

We've created a strong and smooth alternative to one of the more detrimental oral care product for marine life. No more long strings causing havock with fishes, seals or baby dolphins with out degradable floss

What's it made of

Glass Jar - infinitely recyclable glass jar so you can see what you have left and easy to replace the floss
Bamboo Floss - Strong thin floss to get in-between your teeth
Metal Cap - Resilient aluminium cap to keep your floss dry and easy to cut

What's Not Inside

Plastic Holder
Petrol Wax

Pull, glide, rinse

  • Pull 45cm of floss out of the bottle and wrap around your index fingers.

  • Glide using your tort floss, gently glide the floss between each tooth just below your gum line.

  • Repeat with a clean section between every tooth.

Subscription is simple.

Your first batch will arrive in a cool refillable jar. Then you'll receive freshly-pressed refill packs every 4 months.

You'll save 33%

Sent every 4 months

Free shipping on repeat orders

Compostable packs

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